Episode #75: Now What?


Jon and Flava Dave are cleaning out their lockers and shutting down for the off-season. But, before they go, they touch on Indiana's Game 6 loss in Miami and ponder the future. Will Lance return? Should Roy go? Is retaining Vogel a smart move? Do the Pacers need a true point guard to win a title? Also, Flava Dave says the best sentence ever uttered on the podcast.  

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Episode #74: Blow-Gate


Jon and Flava Dave are feeling the winds of change courtesy of Lance Stephenson's respiratory system. They break down the asinine media hubbub over Born Ready's antics and cry foul over the disparity in flopping fines handed down by the league. The boys also recap Game 5 - including PG's back-against-the-wall performance, George Hill's defense on D-Wade and the fouls on LeBron. Plus, a brief French lesson, action movie cliches and more. 

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Episode #73: Underwhelming


Jon and Flava Dave return from the Memorial Day weekend to lament a pair of tough Pacers' losses. They dwell on Paul George's comments concerning the officials in Game 4, Lance's big talk and subsequent poop performance and more. Also, they talk "High Fidelity," movie sequels and more.

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Episode #72: Feeling Woozy


Jon and Flava Dave are feeling woozy after the Pacers' Game 2 loss to Miami. They touch on Paul George's concussion and predict how it will impact Game 3, relive their favorite Lance memes from the flop-heard-'round-the-world, put D-Wade's knee issues to bed and give their take on some controversial signs made by fans of the Blue and Gold. All that plus a terrible Tammy Wynette tribute from Jon, Flava Dave talking about his underwear and more.

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Episode #71: The Blueprint


Jon and Flava Dave recap Indiana's Game 1 win over Miami and touch on Roy's night at the charity stripe, Lance's career game, Frank Vogel's thumbs up and much more. Also, the guys reminisce on Lou Amundson and briefly delve into theology.  Swaggy-ness is close to Godliness.

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Episode #70: Wiz the Heat


After a Game 6 win in which David West reminded everyone he's still a baaaad man, Jon and Flava Dave say adios to Washington along with John Wall's patchy beard and errant jump shooting. Then it's on to a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals against LeBron and Co., where they talk to David Ramil of AllUCanHeat.com. Also Jon talks with his mouth full and the boys reveal their favorite chick flicks.

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Episode #69: All Hail King George


Jon and Flava Dave begin their Monday on the good foot thanks to a pair of Pacers wins in D.C. As they don their monocles and brooms for a possible gentleman's sweep, they touch on the welcomed consistency of Roy Hibbert, Paul George's career effort in Game 4 and laud George Hill for his defense on John Wall. Plus, Dave has choice words for Drew Gooden, the boys ponder what jersey number Dan Burke would wear and Jon goes the whole episode without making a 69 joke. MATURITY!

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Episode #68: Gone Fishin’


Jon and Flava Dave look back on the first two games of the Pacers' up-and-down series against the Wizards - including Roy's resurgent Game 2, PG's bad defense against Trevor Ariza, David West's struggles against Nene and more. Also, the boys contemplate the therapeutic powers of fishing. 

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Episode #67: Size Matters


Jon and Flava Dave wrap-up the Hawks series with a detailed take on Game 7. They celebrate vintage performances from Roy and Lance, host a funeral for Paul Millsap's self-respect and celebrate the success of Operation Let Antic Shoot. Also, the boys invite Kyle Weidie of TruthAboutIt.net onto the show to preview the upcoming series against the Wizards. All that plus potato chips, Jon's lame call-out to the ladies and contemplate Marcin Gortat's second career as a movie villain. 

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Episode #66: Canceling the Apocalypse


The podcast is given a reprieve! Jon and Flava Dave breakdown Game 6 - including the heroics of David West and George Hill - and contemplate whether Paul George warrants a suspension for Game 7. They also discuss Vogel's decision to bench Luis Scola and Evan Turner, and briefly touch on "The Mike Scott Incident." Plus, a new non-sponsor Pizza shout out, reaction to the Sterling decision and discovering the name of David West's Jaeger.

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