Episode #104: One giant hot take


Jon and Flava Dave discuss the trade deadline, the return of PG, as well as the play of Rodney Stuckey and Russell Westbrook. 

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Episode #103: Do you even Dragic, bro?


Jon and Flava Dave declare war on Sir Charles' war on analytics, poop all over the Pelicans and discuss the Pacers' possible trade for Goran Dragic. Also, there's talk of breakfast food and Larry Bird joining this year's 3-point contest. 

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Episode #102: Close Out


Jon and Flava Dave recap nail-biting Pacers games against Charlotte and San Antonio, discuss George Hill's floater, Marco's game-winner and calculate how old Vogel will be if he reaches 1,000 victories. 

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Episode #101: Real (Basketball) Talk


Jon and Flava Dave rehash two impressive Pacers wins over Detroit and Cleveland. They also talk about uniforms and trades. Also, Assertive George Hill is assertive, Solo gets feisty and Flava Dave goes on another rant about David West. 

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Episode #100: Naptown Rock City


Jon and Flava Dave look back on varying degrees of Pacers games - including a blowout win over the Knicks - and talk about the Super Bowl and why Cleveland is not the city it claims to be. 

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Episode #99: The Damo Affair


Jon and Flava Dave talk about Damo's big night in the Magic Kingdom, the return of George Hill and Dave details his silly trade of the day.

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Episode #98: Let’s talk about something else


Jon and Flava Dave change the formula of the show slightly on this one. Less game recap, more "what is the meaning of Pacers fandom in 2015" type stuff.

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Episode #97: Ugh


Jon and Flave Dave discuss Mo Willams' historic night, David West's continued inability to box out and the Pacers' anti-historic night in Charlotte. Also, there's talk of hot dog eating contests, the spelling of Shayne Whittington's name and Flava Dave loses a bet. 

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Episode #96: Good Job, Good Effort


Jon and Flava Dave talk Rudy Gobert vs. Solomon Hill, the Pacers' effort in Golden State and preview back-to-back games against Boston and Philly. Also, an update on Flave Dave's campaign to get Flava Charlie in a baby race, and Jon tries to make it through another breakfast without setting off fire alarms. 

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Episode #95: Carlos Boozer Hates America


Jon and Flava Dave talk the Pacers' playoff chances and question David West's motives for the season. The boys also breakdown action from Sunday's game in Los Angeles - including Ronnie Price's airdunk, Swaggy P's place in the NBA and the spat between Roy and Carlos Boozer. They also preview games against the Jazz and the Warriors. 

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