Episode #112: Exit Interview


Jon and Flava Dave recap the end of the Pacers' season, including hot takes for Larry Legend and Frank the Tank, as well as ponder if Roy will wear blue and gold next year. 

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Episode #111: Off to the Races


Jon and Flava Dave talk about Flava Charlie's big day in the baby races, CJ Miles' big day against the Thunder and the Pacers' playoff push. 

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Episode #110: The Return


Jon and Flava Dave celebrate and breakdown the return of Paul George, discuss Roy Hibbert's future with the Blue and Gold, debate Watson vs. Stuckey and more. 

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Episode 109: Horse Shit


Jon and Flava Dave are tired of talking about bad news concerning the Pacers. So they relay some good news involving Flava Dave's baby and the tank-express. ALL IN FOR THE DRAFT PICK! 

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#108: Always wear a bow tie


Jon and Flava Dave are joined by 8points9seconds.com's Jon Washburn to discuss the best coaches in Pacers history. The trio re-evaluate the significance of Larry Brown, ponder Vogel's future place in posterity and discuss why you should always wear a bow tie. Also, the boy's talk about the team's 5-game losing streak and give an update on the status of PG's return. 

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Episode 107: Fair Enough


Jon and Flava Dave discuss Candace Buckner's article detailing the return / non-return of PG, recap the Blue and Gold's loss to the Celtics and get in a discussion about the merits of the Raptors' retro jerseys. 

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Episode 106: Se7en Games


Jon and Flava Dave discuss the meaning of the Pacers' seven-game win streak, ponder potential playoff match ups and give kudos once more to Rodney Stuckey. 

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Episode #105: A Break in the Schedule


Jon and Flava Dave recap G3's triple-double against the Cavs, ponder the consequences of the tanking Sixers, make fun of the Knicks and more. 

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Episode #104: One giant hot take


Jon and Flava Dave discuss the trade deadline, the return of PG, as well as the play of Rodney Stuckey and Russell Westbrook. 

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Episode #103: Do you even Dragic, bro?


Jon and Flava Dave declare war on Sir Charles' war on analytics, poop all over the Pelicans and discuss the Pacers' possible trade for Goran Dragic. Also, there's talk of breakfast food and Larry Bird joining this year's 3-point contest. 

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