Episode #152: Frank Gets Tanked


Jon Filet and Flava Dave discus the firing-not-firing of Frank Vogel, and breakdown some of the comments made by Larry Bird during Thursday's bizarre press conference. The guys throw out names of possible candidates ('No' for Nate McMillan, and 'Hell no' for Mark Jackson), and question how today's events will impact the coaching search and luring of possible free agents. Also, would you trade PG to the Lakers? 


Episode #151: Transition from the Transition


Jon Filet and Flava Dave close out a year of transition from the Pacers' season by looking toward the summer. Flava Dave presents the pros and cons of retaining Frank Vogel, while the pair discuss possible scenarios and take a look at some of the team's more pressing needs. Paul George may be the man, but he needs help. 


Episode #150: The Hot Take Olympics


Jon Filet and Flave Dave take stock of the Pacers' current predicament after the debacle that was Game 5. The pair discuss the game in detail before looking ahead to Game 6 and a possible Game 7 (LOL!). 


Episode #149: Podium Game


Jon Filet and Flava Dave examine the Pacers' Game 4 victory over Toronto. Imagine that, ball movement and good decision making create a healthy offense. Also, the pair discus Ian Mahinmi's career game and George Hill's aggressiveness. All that plus thoughts on Game 5, PG's continued defensive excellence, and a little book club discussion.  


Episode #148: Execution Style


Jon Filet and Flave Dave spend less time recapping Games 2 and 3 against the Raptors and more time bemoaning the Pacers' lack of execution and effort. Also, PG continues to shoulder Indy's burdens, and Solomon Hill might make an appearance in the starting line up in a playoff game. JOY! 


Episode #147: Don’t Listen to Drake


Jon Filet and Flava Dave recap the Pacers' Game 1 win over Toronto. Along the way, Paul George goes off, Myles Turner gets hyped, Solo gets to the line, and the Raptors fall apart in the second half. All that plus click bait, Jay Cutler and why you should never listen to Drake. 




Jon and FIava Dave are back to preview the Pacers v. Raptors series. Along the way, they discus ads on jerseys, what's at stake for the Pacers in this series, and roller derby!


Episode #145: Bench Mob


Jon and Flava Dave are happy to discuss a pair of Pacers wins, even if the team still isn't playing like its fighting for a playoff spot. Nonetheless, they recaps a late run against Philly, PG's clutch shot against the Knicks, and ponder possible playoff matchups with just five regular season games to go. 


Episode #144: Group Therapy


Jon Filet and Flava Dave take time to vent about the Pacers' late-season woes as sit on the brink of the postseason. There's plenty of blame to go around, too. We're looking at you PG, Vogel and Bird. All that, plus more. 


Episode #143: Stuck in a Rut


Jon Filet and Flava Dave discuss a trio of Pacers game, including a blah performance over New Orleans, a let down against Brooklyn and a must-win over Houston. Also, what is Myles Turner's new hotel name?


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