Episode #133: Hometown Connection


After recapping the Super Bowl, Jon and Flava Dave ponder the significance of Reggie Miller to the Hoosier state in comparison to Peyton Manning. They also discuss a close loss to the Hawks and a convincing win over the Pistons. Along the way there is discussion regarding the merits of intentional fouls, Larry Bird's worst draft picks and the validity of rehashed pizza. 


Episode #132: Get Rhythm


Jon and Flava Dave discuss Paul George's attitude and remarks made following the loss to the Cavaliers, and give their assessment of Myles Turner's recent stint in the starting lineup. Also, the boys ponder how the Pacers may or may not benefit in a world wherein Kevin Durant signs with Golden State. All that, plus fake trades, names inside of names and more. 


Episode #131: The Five-Point Plan for a Guaranteed Pacers Dynasty


The legendary Jon Washburn (8 Points, 9 Seconds) steps in for the inimitable Jon Filet this week. "New Jon" joins Flava Dave to discuss (and tear apart) Dave's Five Point Plan for a Guaranteed Pacers Dynasty. The guys also ponder the offensive roles of Monta Ellis & George Hill; the futures of Myler Turner, Joe Young, and Rodney Stuckey; and the wisdom of trading for Jeff Teague or Gary Harris.


Episode #130: Holograms (or Turner and Hoops, Part 2)


Jon and Flava Dave may or may not talk about the "Indiana Pacers" and their supposed games against the "Golden State Warriors" and the "Sacramento Kings." The guys also may or may not discuss the excellence of Steph Curry's hologram, the 12-inch power of Boogie Cousins and the continuing free fall of CJ Miles.


Episode #129: Turner and Hoops


Jon and Flava Dave try to dwell on the positives, like Myles Turner and Joe Young's new collective nickname! Also, the boys ponder if Larry Bird is too high on his own ideas and talk a trio of Pacers games. Plus, the Warriors are still really good and Jon wants to see Lance on the Sacramento Kings. All that and more. 


Episode #128: Give it away


Jon and Flava Dave are back for yet another episode in which the Pacers give away a win. The boys talk about PG's efficiency, ponder possible trades, discuss the Red Hot Chili Peppers and talk about the coolest guy in Houston. 


Episode 127: Splitting Hairs


Jon and Flava Dave at long last return from their extended vacation. They catch up on an overtime loss to Miami and a victory over Orlando, and discuss officials, PG's shot selection and CJ Miles' value along the way. All that plus Macho Man and pooping in the tub. 


Episode #126: Monta Do As He Please


Jon and Flava Dave delve into Monta Ellis's second-half hot streak against the Mavericks, and pause to reflect on old-man Dirk's game. Plus, they debate George Hill's revamped dye job, make fake trades and hand out Christmas gifts to Pacer players. Also, the Nets have a dumb, dumb name. 


Episode #125: Cube Steak


Jon and Flava Dave recap a trio of Pacers wins, including a snoozefest against Miami and a comeback victory over Toronto. All that, plus Jon makes a new rule about back-to-backs and the two debate where they would party with Dirk Nowitzki. 


Episode #124: RImming


Jon and Flava Dave diagnose what is ailing the Pacers defense, and remind you to always wear rim protection. That, plus the outstanding play of the Warriors, the prospects of Solo's rumored departure, the hearsay of Lance's return (NO!) and more. 


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