Episode #86: Lance-tics


Jon and Flave Dave talk Gary Harris' mom, Luis Scola's matador game, the word-of-mouth on international talent and the return of Lance Stephenson. 

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Episode #85: Streaking


Jon and Flava Dave go streaking with the Pacers after a tough road win in Miami. The boys talk about the fundamentals - rebounding and defense. They also talk about the rise of Solomon Hill and the sudden disappearance of C.J. Miles. Also, the Nuggets stink and the Bulls don't. Plus, would you sit down for cash? 

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Episode #84: Fighting for our lives


Jon and Flava Dave welcome back AJ Price, commend Solomon Hill, and detail the Pacers' most complete win of the season over the Utah Jazz. The boys also look forward to Wednesday's matchup against the Miami Heat and debate the worth of Luol Deng. 

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Episode #83: Sure, why not?


Jon and Flava Dave have plenty to talk about despite back-to-back Pacers losses. The good: Donald Sloan's performance against Washington and Solomon Hill's budding talents. The bad: Just about everything else, especially CJ Miles and Chris Copeland's behind-the-back pass to nowhere. All that, plus talk of video games, ice cream and the return of AJ Price. 

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Episode #82: Here goes nothing


Jon and Flava Dave are back for the first episode of the regular season. The boys try to see the glass as half full for the Pacers after three games. On the docket is Roy's superb level of play, Stuckey's remarkable efficiency (for now), and the team's new license to shoot. Also, they talk about an all-Hoosiers Memphis team and Blake Griffin's new mustache. 

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Episode #81: Western Conference Preview


Jon and Flava Dave wrap-up the preseason with a look at the Western Conference. Can any team topple the Spurs? Will Anthony Davis and the Pelicans make the leap? How improved are the Mavericks? Also, the guys make a foreboding joke regarding Kevin Durant. We're sorry, everyone. 

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Miller Time Podcast Episode #80


In the first of two conference preview episodes, Jon and Flava Dave predict how things will shape up in the Eastern Conference this season. Can the new Big Three in Cleveland play together? Will D-Rose ever be the same? Which NBA team is like Katy Perry? All that and more. 

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Episode #79: Pacers Season Preview


Jon and Flava Dave missed you as much as you missed them. The prodigal Pacer bros return with a season preview. Who will step up in Paul George's absence? Will the Blue and Gold be playing in May? What starting lineups would they like to see get significant minutes? All that plus a bunch of nicknames for George Hill.  

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Episode #78: Shit…


Jon and Flava Dave console each other in the wake of Paul George's severe injury and ponder what the Blue and Gold should do next. Also, the boys practice some light-hearted role play and fire up the fake trade machine.

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Miller Time Podcast Episode #77: Women in the NBA with Will Garcia


Jon talks to blogger and statistician Will Garcia about the prospect of women playing in the NBA. What kind of skill set would be required? Would it be good or bad for the WNBA? Will the gender barrier be broken in our lifetime? Plus, they talk about the Rodney Stuckey signing. 

Click here to read Will's article. 

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