Episode #121: “Somebody spilled their drink, partner.”


Jon and Flava Dave return to talk about a pair of blow-out Pacers wins. Then, they celebrate PG for his casual brilliance and talk about their favorite Quinn Buckner-isms. All that plus more bad impressions, air horns and Chase Budinger committing white-on-white crime. 

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Episode #120: Jon Talks About the 76ers Too Much


In this episode, Jon does as the title implies while Flava Dave is helpless to stop him. The guys also take questions from the mailbag, discuss the the Pacers' close call against Minnesota and the final play versus Chicago. All that, plus a description of the world's worst alarm clock. 

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Episode #119: It’s Already Off a Cliff


Jon and Flava Dave talk back-to-back Pacers wins over the Magic and the Celtics as they try to diagnose what troubles Indy's lackluster offense. Also, they ponder a nickname for Ian Mahimni and Jon does another terrible impression. 

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Episode #118: PG’s Blimp


Jon and Flava Dave split the difference between the Pacers' win over Miami and their close loss to Cleveland. Along the way there's talk of Paul George's imaginary blimp, Jordan Hill's renewed standing with Pacers fans and Dave realizing there's no difference between Ne-Yo and Akon. 

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Episode #117: Grip Like a Vice


Jon and Flave Dave touch on the Pacers' back-to-back wins against Detroit and Boston, including Rodney Stuckey's big game against his former team and Monta Ellis' impressive play against the Celtics. All that, plus hand-shake power rankings, haikus and why you should never Google Evan Fournier. 

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Episode #116: Learning Curve


Jon and Flava Dave aren't pressing the panic button yet, but they are concerned with Monta Ellis and Paul George's abysmal offense, Indy's absent defense and their struggle to guard the pick and roll. The silver lining? All Myles Turner everything. 

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Episode #115: Spacers and Pacers


Jon and Flava Dave return to preview the 2015-16 Pacers season. They ponder the All-Star prospects of PG and George Hill, question what kind of player Monta Ellis will be and speculate on the role of Ian Mahinmi and Myles Tuner. Also, they discuss Taylor Swift, sausage and Glen Robinson III's nickname. 

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Episode #114: PG: PF?


Jon and Flava Dave recap free agent moves made by the Pacers and ponder what the future holds for the Blue and Gold. Also, the boys talk about Paul George playing power forward, the upside of Chase Budinger and Flava Dave gives the lowdown on the inefficiencies of Monta Ellis. Also, what the hell is Jordan Hill's nickname. 

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Episode #113: Myles and Myles


Jon and Flava Dave talk about the selection of Myles Turner and ponder what it means for the future of the Blue and Gold regarding "smaller, faster, younger" lineups. The boys also talk about David West's exit and what options the Pacers have regarding Roy Hibbert. Also, does anyone like Monta Ellis? 

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Episode #112: Exit Interview


Jon and Flava Dave recap the end of the Pacers' season, including hot takes for Larry Legend and Frank the Tank, as well as ponder if Roy will wear blue and gold next year. 

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