Episode #63: Contempt


Jon and Flava Dave have contempt for the Pacers, who showed contempt for themselves in Saturday's playoff loss to the Hawks. The boys question whether the team are overvaluing Pero Antic's shooting, ponder decision making on the part of Paul George and Roy Hibbert and discuss whether Vogel should go small ball. All that plus putting the "turn" in Evan Turner, Easter food and more! 

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Episode #62: Season Recap


Jon and Flava Dave look back on the regular season and "peer review" the Pacers starters. They touch on their favorite moments including the birth of Sir Lance-A-Lot, PG's 360 dunk, and David West's first freshmaker, and reveal some telling stats about each player. They also talk to Atlanta Hawks beat reporter Chris Vivlamore about the upcoming series against the Hawks, and much more. 

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Episode #61: Gunnin’ For That Number One Spot


Jon and Flava Dave look back on an up-and-down weekend of Pacers basketball. They welcome back the productivity of the bench, Lance’s rediscovered spark and David West’s veteran savvy, but bemoan Roy’s enigmatic offense, George Hill’s disappearance and meet their What-The-Hell-Is-Evan-Turner-Doing quota. All that plus Russell Westrbook Shaqtin’ a fool, getting excited for Boomer, the pronunciation of “Achilles” and more!

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Episode #60: Special Guest Tim Donahue


Tim Donahue of 8Points9Seconds.com joins Jon to talk about the Pacers' new lease with Indianapolis and whether or not the move is good for both parties. The pair also break down the bench wash in Milwaukee and ponder what it means going forward - if anything. They then look ahead to tonight's important match up with LeBron and company in Miami and anticipate KD's trip to the Circle City. All that plus speculation on the play of Roy and Lance, playoff possibilities and French lineages. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!  

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Episode #59: Speechless


After Sunday's demoralizing loss to the Hawks, Jon and Flava Dave try their best to diagnose what ails the Indiana Pacers. Is it Roy Hibbert's attitude? Is it Frank Vogel's coaching style? Is it Larry Bird's judgement? Is it Lance's relationship with the team? The boys talk about all this plus get the inside scoop from Tim Donahue of 8 Points 9  Seconds

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Episode #58: Baby Steps


On today's episode, Jon and Flava Dave choose to (mostly) look at the glass half full. Despite the blow out loss at home to the Spurs and a slippage in the standings, the boys focus on the return to form against the Pistons and ponder of the Pacers of old are back. Along the way they discuss Lance's pants, PG's 40-foot bomb, Weezer lyrics and more. 

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Episode #57: Group Therapy


Jon and Flava Dave dwell on their concerns for the Pacers after a tumultuous weekend of losses. They vent about Paul George's absent shooting stroke, Roy's inefficient offensive decision making, bemoan the loss of Lance's fast break skills, end the honeymoon with Frank Vogel and more. They also give a new nickname to David West, toast the ageless Spurs and take a spin on "The Wheel of Suck."

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Episode #56: LeBron’s Elbow is Worse Than His Bite


Jon and Flava Dave spend a majority of the episode recapping Indiana's important win over the Heat - including Roy's offensive awakening, PG's dunk on LeBron, Lance's ejection, Evan Turner's timely contribution, questionable calls, LeBron's elbow, Miami's hilarious whining and mandatory Birdman jokes. The boys also touch on the Pacers' loss to the Bulls and preview a weekend road trip to D.C. and Cleveland. Along the way they talk tattoos, playoff scenarios and reveal how little they care about Kyrie Irving. 

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Miller Time Podcast Episode #55: A Tale of Two Team


CORRECTION Bulls Pacers Basketball-1

Jon and Flava Dave get downright Dickensian on this episode of the Miller Time Podcast.  They recap the glorious victory over the Bulls and mull over the humiliating loss to the Grizz. They give Luis Scola a new nickname (The Matador!) and mull over the kind of parties Lance Stephenson and Joakim Noah would throw together. Gigantic games against El Heat and Los Bulls loom, and the boys break the match ups down. Which Pacers squad are we going to see this week? Who knows?

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Episode #54: Pointing Fingers


Jon and Flava Dave are back, and they're still concerned about the Pacers. What troubles them most, you ask? Is it Bynum's knee full of fluid? Is it C.J. Watson's hamstring? Is it the fact Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson seem incapable of playing together? Is it Paul George's continuing struggles from long range? Is it because the Pacers haven't had a significant win over a quality opponent in over two months? Is it because of apparent friction in the locker room? So many questions, so many theories, so little answers.

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